PJTN educates, advocates, and moves to activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience in building a global community of action and prayer in support of Jews and Israel.  We are engaged in winning the ideological, social, moral and spiritual battle for the mind of this generation.

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Too many educators, civic leaders, and every day Christians in every walk of life have little knowledge about their biblical responsibility to protect Jews and Israel from the normalization of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism and associated acts of violence on college campuses have risen by 45% in 2017.

From seminaries and campuses, to pulpits and civic organizations, the topics of anti-Semitism and Israel remain ‘off the radar’ or ignored in favor of anti-Semitic ‘inclusive’ initiatives.

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Every person who joins us to donate, pray, volunteer and support one another through PJTN’s advocacy with education, civic and faith leaders is part of the solution.

  • Become one of the 15,000 people across America who are a part of PJTN  
  • Volunteer to become a PJTN Watchman (review textbooks in your schools)
  • Host PJTN in your community to help educate faith and civic leaders about your concerns
  • Watch & Share PJTN documentaries, interviews and our Focus on Israel programming
  • Invite PJTN to your community to host an inclusive Campus-Community Program
  • Advocate for passage of PJTN’s Anti-Semitism Awareness Resolution with your state legislators


  • Our pilot project advocating for US state legislatures to adopt our Anti-Semitism Awareness Resolution has already passed in 3 states, introduced in 10 others and being considered in 5 other countries.
  • Our PJTN programming is shared and viewed with nearly a billion people around the world through a network of Christian television and satellite providers.
  • We have hosted the largest pro-Israel event at the largest Christian media event NRB for over 10 years.  Set your schedule to attend or stream on Feb 26, 2018
  • We pray and share private conversations with decision-makers, educators and civic leaders.
  • Our biggest impact is having people like you involved.  We have many families from grandparents to grandchildren involved with PJTN.  We know your commitment and support is the only way we can all do more to help protect Jews and Israel.

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